Better Business with Direct FX

For most business owners, one of their dreams is to make their company known globally. Being an international brand marks a certain distinction from others. Trading between countries involves foreign money transfers. Invoices are usually paid in different currencies and these are converted according to exchange rates that are set by financial institutions such as banks. However, most of the time their rates do not benefit business owners that much. There are fees to be collected and low rates to deal with. The good thing is there are other alternatives.

One possible alternative is Direct FX. It is a non bank financial intermediary that you can trust. The services that the financial specialists at Direct FX offer involve foreign exchange to both the retail and wholesale markets. They are highly reliable considering that they have a combined 200 years’ worth of experience in interbank market transactions and have a good grasp on the global bank payment system. In fact, they are able to communicate with all major bank treasury currency traders in Australasia through direct open phone lines. They even offer financial advice and guide their clients so that they will be able to make wise and informed business decisions.

It will be advantageous to tap on the services of Direct FX. They are dedicated to exceed the expectations of their clients as well as render results that are much better than what traditional banks can give. As a client, you will be able to expect significantly better exchange rates which can have a great impact on your overall profits. Direct FX does not charge fees which also means you save more money.

The currencies that are available for you to transact are Australian dollars, US dollars, New Zealand dollars, Euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Japanese yen, Swiss francs, Hong Kong dollars, Singapore dollars, South African rand, Swedish krona, Norwegian krone and Danish krone.